Our Mission

Inspired by the National Lottery, the team at BetDonation.co.uk have taken it on ourselves to enable more forms of betting to contribute towards good causes.

In partnership with some of the biggest online betting brands, we have created a way for monthly donations to be made to charity without any impact or additional cost to you.

Anyone who opens a betting account via BetDonation.co.uk will receive the same betting experience as any other customer in terms of keeping 100% of any bets you win and having full access to the best odds and promotions the brand offers. All that changes when an account is opened via BetDonation.co.uk is that when lady luck is not on your side, 10% of betting losses (from customers registered on this site) will be donated to charity. What’s more, you can nominate which charity benefits.

Essentially, our set up is very similar to how popular cashback websites operate in many other industries but with the cashback element going towards good causes.

Please note that that this initiative isn’t designed to encourage anyone to increase their levels of betting. It is designed to enable you to be able to contribute to charity for something you already do or are planning to do...at no extra cost. We kindly ask that you or any friends you introduce to BetDonation.co.uk strictly adhere to responsible gambling at all times.

Thank you for visiting BetDonation.co.uk and we hope this innovative concept helps support charities that matter to you*.

Yours sincerely,

The BetDonation.co.uk Team

* A list of the registered charities that we currently support are available here. In the interest of transparency and trust monthly statements of all payments we make to charity will be reviewed and certified by independent chartered accountants.

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