Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I be sure that my losing bets are contributing to charity donations?

Our accounts are reviewed and certified by independent chartered accountants. We will publish certified statements on our website showing the payments made to each charity.

What data is shared with in order for 10% of losing bets to go to charity?

Both and our Betting Partners treat data protection with paramount importance. will never see the bets of any individual customer.  Instead, our betting partners will provide us with a monthly figure which indicates the combined profit and loss (net gaming revenue) of all customers that have opened accounts with them via a link/button on our website.  10% of the combined betting losses (net gaming revenue) across all accounts will then be summed (across our betting partners) and paid to charity on a monthly basis.

Can I change my charity nomination if I wish to support a different charity in the future?

Yes, we only allow one charity selection per person but you can change this selection at any time by using our contact us form

Will any donations be taken from my bank account or betting account should I register on this website?

No. You will not be required to provide additional money to donate to your chosen charity (beyond what you intend to stake on bets with your chosen betting partner). Donations will be 100% funded via losing bets and are effectively therefore funded via bookmaker profits.

Will I keep anything I win if I open a betting account via this website?

Absolutely, you will keep 100% of any winnings you generate via your betting account. Your betting experience will be exactly the same as any other customer that holds an account with the brand you choose to bet with. Opening a betting account via this website just means that any losing bets will contribute to charity.

Can I add a charity that has special meaning to me to your list of charity partners?

If you would like to nominate a charity to be added to our approved charities list then please submit your nomination here.

Please note, other than in exceptional circumstances, we will only partner with trusted charities registered on the government’s Charity Register

I already have a betting account but would definitely like my losing bets to contribute to charity. How can I make this happen?

You must open a new account with a brand you do not already hold an account with in order to activate charity donations on your losses. Betting via an existing account that was not opened via an 'Open Account' button on this website will not contribute towards donations.

We appreciate that this is not ideal but it only takes a few minutes to open a new betting account with one of our betting partners. Once done it will contribute to charity donations for the lifetime of the account.

How are my losses calculated?

Account losses will be calculated via a 'Stakes minus winnings' calculation. Please note that only real money bets will count. Bets placed using free bets, bonuses or demo credits will not be eligible.

To see calculation examples please view our terms and conditions.

How are charity donations split between the various registered charities?

The amount donated to each charity each month, will be split based on the charities people have selected when registering on our homepage. For example, this is how the 10% in betting losses (that we donate to charity) would be split if 10,000 people nominated the following charities:

  • AGE UK (5000 nominations) = 50% of payment

  • Oxfam (3000 nominations) = 30% of payment

  • Shelter (2000 nominations) = 20% of payment

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